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Forsala 14.300.- fyrir 15. maí
(fullt verð 19.000.-)


"This training has given me tools to work professionally with clients.
- to support growths."

"I have practised different sports
- I have never felt as great teamspirit as in this training."
"The training has given me an opportunity to develop skills in supporting others on their journey, to their results.
- while growing myself at the same time."
Umsögn - anchor
"The training surpriced me in a good way. It has made me a better person. I give now more space for others around me, I listen better, I concentrate better while others speak.
The training has also given me technics and tools to reach results more effectively." 
Level 1
Level 2
"Increased confidence. New friends. Tools that work. To see people find out and reach their dreams. To feel new power. New view of how to get confirmation from other with powerful questioning."
Fyrir hvern - anchor
For Whom is Evolvia Live Online Coachtraining:

In each group we have someone from human resources, we have managers, top-management, leaders of schools, teachers, priests, physical therapists, consults, becoming consults, doctors, university students, mothers, fathers, doctors & parents.

Coaching is a methodology
which belongs to future
more wise and effective relating.
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